Gust of Wind

I had just gotten off the metro and was starting my walk home. I was wearing a knee length shirt dress with a full skirt that dropped from the waist. As a gust of wind blew up, I made a quick move to hold the skirt part down so that it wouldn’t fly up and reveal my underwear to a crowded intersection.

At the same moment, an older teenage boy (appeared about 17-19) about 25 ft. away shouted to me through the crowd “Don’t do that, baby! You don’t need to hold that skirt down. Let me see it!” as several people nearby turned to look at me and I fumbled to keep my composure.

Having lived in Columbia Heights for 5 years now, I thought I’d seen & heard it all. I’d gotten used to ignoring or shaking my head “no” at the dirty old men muttering their “sweet nothings” as I walked by, had my run-ins with grabby teens showing off to friends, become immune to the wolf whistles, meows, and kissy sounds. It seemed easier to brush it all off when I was the only witness (apart from the harasser/accomplices).

So thanks a bunch, kiddo. You took it to an entirely new level when you managed to embarrass me in front of thirty plus people on a Friday after work.

Submitted by MS on 10/24/2009

Location: 14th & Irving St NW

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