Biking Blues

Photo by moriza via flickr
Photo by moriza via flickr

I was riding my bike down the sidewalk of the busy street and had to politely inform pedestrians of my presence so I could get by. As I was about to pass a guy who was walking oddly (likely drunk) I called, “Excuse me, on your left.” He turned around and let me go by, slowly, and said “Hello.” I responded in kind, and then he slapped my butt! I was so angry but wanted to get away quickly. I said, “Don’t touch me! You don’t know me!” and he just laughed. Once I got further down the block I yelled “Show some respect!”

This kind of thing hardly ever happens in my neighborhood, but it honestly made me not want to leave the house again at night. I thought biking gave me some semblance of security, but I guess not when I’m riding at the same pace as potentially nasty pedestrians. Guess maybe I’ll take a risk and ride in the busy street from now on.

Submitted by NS on 10/22/2009

Location: 1st. and W NW

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2 Responses

  1. Reg

    what a jerk!

    on another note…why are you driving on sidewalks? is that allowed in dc?

  2. hollabackdc

    in DC, you can bike on the sidewalks in most parts of the city.