Opposite Effect

The other night my roommate and I were going to a club together. We had both never been to the place before and weren’t really familiar with the area so we were looking a little ‘distraught’. As we were passing a street corner we spotted a few police officers or security guard looking men. So, being 2 girls alone we decided to cross over to their side of the street. However, as we cross over we hear an onslaught of sexual remarks. “Hey baby where are you going tonight? You sure look sexy in that skirt!” We didn’t really think much of it — beyond the fact that it was annoying — until we realized who it was who was saying these things. It was none other than those officers/ security guards we were going towards! We both walked past them as quickly as possible. It was one of the most ironic situations!

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/20/2009

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3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    Sad when the people you trust to protect you are also the ones who harass you.

  2. umm

    There’s a huge difference between police officers and private security — not that anyone should be harassing, but private security are not exactly ‘the people you trust to protect you’, as the above poster says.

    • Golden Silence

      Even if they’re not cops per se, they’re still there to protect you. My wording shouldn’t make a difference.