Men at Georgetown

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Photo by hellochris via Flickr
Photo by hellochris via Flickr

I was with some friends at the Georgetown movie theater a few weeks ago and everything was fine until we stepped outside after the movie. As soon as we got out we passed a group of middle-aged men who started yelling after us, “Hey girls, how you doing?” We simply ignored them and walked away, but we could still hear them in the background. “How old are you?” asked one guy. Another guy from the group responded, “Oh, forget about them they’re like 13 or 14.” They all burst out into laughter as we continued our walk back. It’s disgusting to think that even grown, supposedly mature men, are also capable of street harassment. Therefore, it’s best to always be cautious since there’s no one “typical” description of a street harasser.

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/16/2009

Location: Georgetown Movie Theater

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