Indecency on Porter Road

So, it wasn’t verbal harassment, however…I was walking home from from the PetCo in Cleveland Park, down Porter Rd towards Mt. Pleasant, on Sunday morning. I was just crossing the overpass when I noticed a bike leaning against the guardrail on the street side to my left. As I get closer, I turn my head to the right and notice a young guy (15-25 yrs) standing only 5 feet off the sidewalk in the weeds, masturbating and staring at me. He didn’t say a word. Neither did I, I just sped up and didn’t acknowledge him at all. Sometimes, I wish civilians were able to carry Tasers.

Submitted by Anonymous on  10/6/2009

Location: Porter Road Overpass, NW

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One Response

  1. Nikki

    I’ve seen that guy several times over the past couple of years. One time he was actually standing on the overpass, pants around his ankles and exposed. I always thought he was relieving himself, but given what you saw, I’m definitely calling the police next time I see him.