Young Teens as Harassers

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Photo by thisisbossi via flicker
Photo by thisisbossi via flicker

I was walking to Union Station mid-morning and noticed two high-school aged boys walking toward me on the sidewalk. My initial thought was, why aren’t they in school? I generally don’t want to make eye contact or talk to guys on the street, because of some of the offensive stuff that I’ve heard. But, I also try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and anyway, these were kids, so in this case I decided to make eye contact and smile.

These boys just continued their scowling, but right as I passed the one closest to me, he said, “Wanna see a big black cock?” I was too shocked just realizing what had come out of his teenage mouth to think of anything to say, but was infuriated that such young boys thought it was ok to speak to a woman like that, and that they could make me feel so violated.

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/1/2009

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  1. Golden Silence

    Sad that they’re that young and doing this. A shame.