“Quick and hard.”

On Sunday afternoon I was coming out of the Farragut West metro, and a young man approached me saying he was trying to fund raise for The Boys and Girls Club. I didn’t believe that he was really doing that, and I told him I didn’t have any money with me, sorry.

At that point he said “That’s okay, can I walk witchu though?” I said “Sorry, I’m busy” and tried to speed off, but my harasser paced with me. “Damn honey, you so beautiful. You ridiculous.” I ignore. “You gotta boyfriend sexy?” I respond “Yes, I do.” He told me that was no big deal for him, we could “Do it quick and hard, how [I] like it, all gangsta style and shit.”

I almost started laughing, but then the guy jumped in front of me, grabbed a chunk of my hair and sniffed it.

Submitted by Jules on 9/24/2009

Location: Farragut West

3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    Low class, no class! Ugh! If the fact that you told him that you had a boyfriend didn’t deter him, I don’t know what will. These creeps on the street don’t know when to quit.

    In case he actually does represent the Boys and Girls Club (doubting it as well), it wouldn’t hurt to give a description of him to the actual Boys and Girls Club. If he works for them he can be reprimanded, and if he doesn’t they can be on the lookout for someone misrepresenting their company.

    I can’t say enough what a creepy loser this bum is. I am sorry he put his funky hands on you!

  2. ninyabruja

    Also, one working for a charity must carry a license to solicit.

  3. cathy

    i know this is forever-ago, but if anyone’s reading! the boys and girls club does not ever do on-street solicitation of donations. neither does whitman-walker clinic. so if anyone approaches you, you can 1) call them out/shenanigans, 2) call the cops or 3) ignore them without any guilt at all.