The men who holla at me.

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Photo by Francis Bourgouin via flickr

During the week I walk home from Petworth Metro and men holler: can I walk witchu or make other comments they perceive as compliments. On the weekends when I bike up Georgia and pass Petworth station there are always men who yell: can I ride witchu? Around Petworth and Columbia heights there are always lots of honking when I’m on my bike, or men telling me that I dropped something. This is minimized when I wear a helmet. I also had one man stop and get out of his car on Georgia and Randolph and try to talk to me.

Submitted by MR on 9/24/2008

Location: Petworth

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  1. Golden Silence

    …or men telling me that I dropped something.

    I’ve had men using that line on me. I never bothered to find out what I “dropped” since I knew the men were full of crap.

    I lived in Petworth for six months and went through the same stuff as you around the Metro. It’s been years since I’ve lived there, and though the neighborhood has its charms, I don’t regret moving. Too much harassment for me.