Reston, VA

I was walking to the bus stop at Wiehle Avenue and standing on the street corner about to cross. There was a young man about my age standing next to me and we both had headphones on.

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Photo by Robyn Gallagher

A big corporate van was turning onto the street in front of me and slowed to a crawl mid-traffic and started honking. I looked up to see an older man leering, catcalling and waving at me through the window. He actually slowed down during rush hour traffic while turning so he could try and get my attention! I’m sure I involuntarily made a face but then I looked down and tried to ignore it. Lasted for at least 30 seconds.

Guy next to me snorted and muttered “asshole” under his breath, at least.

Location: Reston, VA: Wiehle and Sunset Hills

Submitted by Anonymous on September 10, 2009

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