Dupont Circle Park

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My friend and I were sitting on a bench in Dupont Circle park chatting just after dark. Not too long after we sat down, two guys walked by and stopped to say “hello ladies.” We ignored them and they left, and we commented on them and the prevalence of street harassment in DC. Then, another man walked by with headphones on, but also stopped to say “how YOU doin’,” Joey-from-Friends style. We continued sitting and chatting, and about 30 minutes later, a man riding slowly on his bike stopped in front of us. I looked up casually and was horrified to realize he was looking up my skirt! He looked straight at me and grinned as I hurriedly crossed my ankles. F*cker. He pedaled off before I could react.

I live near Dupont Circle and get harassed regularly there, by men from all walks of life and at all times of day. The nerve of some women, thinking we have the right to feel safe walking around our neighborhood unchaperoned.

Location: Dupont Circle Park

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