Harassment by Cab Driver

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I have been the recipient of harassment from cab drivers more times than I care to remember. The worst incident occurred on my way to Station 9 for a date. I was dressed nicely in a black dress with a silver cardigan, typical date attire. Well when I got into the cab, the driver kept looking back at me in the mirror but I kept quiet. He then tells me I’m beautiful and have nice legs. Since I’m stuck in this man’s cab, I didn’t really know what to say. I simply smiled politely and then started playing with my Blackberry. At a light, he turns around and tells me “I give great massages…you want, I can give you one.” He winks at me and is looking directly at my chest. I declined, saying someone was waiting for me and curtly pointed out the light had turned green. At this point, I was getting nervous, so I took a picture of his identification and sent it to a friend. I told my f riend what the guy said and to call the cops if I don’t text her in 15 minutes. I also took out my mace and brandished it so he could see it.

He kept offering the massage, saying plenty of women in his cab have enjoyed his massages and it would help to relax me. I felt trapped because I was in a moving car with this pervert, it was at night and I wasn’t familiar with the area at the time. Had I jumped out at a light, I wouldn’t have known where I was or how to get to Station 9. When we finally got to Station 9, I tried to hand him my fare and he actually grabbed at my leg! I smacked his hand, put the mace up to him and said if he so much as thought about touching me again, I’d mace him. I got out of the cab and ran into the restaurant. I called the cab company and reported the guy. The dispatcher (a woman) apologized immediately, said the owner of the cab company would be notified and offered to call back with an update on the situation. She kept her word, called back a week later and informed me the guy was fired and his license was revoked. I was shocked that anything was done, but she admitted she pushed the issue because as a woman, she couldn’t sit by and allow that behavior to go unpunished.

Location: Taxi Cab on 14th & U

Submitted by Shaw Girl

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2 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    She kept her word, called back a week later and informed me the guy was fired and his license was revoked.

    YES!!!! I love it when people take harassment seriously and take action. That serves that creep right!

  2. DC Cab rider

    Well done!