She Was Followed

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My roommate/best friend was walking home from work one day and came in the door flustered and upset. She told me that she was followed a couple blocks by a man who kept calling after her. He kept yelling “Hey there,” “Hey, baby,” and doing so in a lewd voice. She ignored it and tried to walk faster so she would put space between them. My friend doesn’t wear anything revealing or inappropriate to work and is the kind of girl who gets in guy’s faces at bars when they piss her off, so for her to be scared really tells me he was definitely getting to her. The only reason she felt better as she turned off 14th onto our street is because our neighbors were sitting outside as usual and they’re really nice and wouldn’t let something like that happen in front of them. It makes me wary when I walk around our neighborhood as well.

Location: 14th Street NW between Irving and Newton Streets NW

Submitted by AK

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