My worst DC experience

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This was 3 years ago now but it is still one of the worst things that happened to me in DC (which, relative to what other people experience, is not so bad I know).
The train was full of seated people and only a few people were standing on the ends, around rush hour time. I was standing on the train at a pole. I was wearing a knee-length, pleated skirt, a little starchy and bouncy. A man was standing behind me against the wall(I guess too close, but at the time I didn’t think anything of it). I didn’t know anything was going on until a woman standing across from us, facing myself and the man looked up and yelled at him HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I startled and looked and I caught a glimpse of his hand touching my skirt. she said to me he had been lifting up my skirt to look at my underwear. I turned and faced him completely red-faced, not knowing what to say. The doors opened at metro center and he fled off the train. No one else said anything. I didn’t know what to say. I wondered who if anyone else on the train had the free pleasure of my underwear and said nothing. It used to be my favorite skirt but I still hate wearing it now.

Location: Metro – Red line near metro center

Submitted by Amber

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  1. Sandy
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    Yeah, I’ve dealt with this too! Amber, don’t stop wearing your favorite skirt. You’ll let that moron continue to hassle you long after what he did to you!
    When I used to work in Silver Spring, I had my skirt yanked up to my waist!!!!The guy ran off, and I just stood there, shocked! I never had any problems after that, but I’ll never forget how bad that was. And yes, I still wear that skirt!

  2. Golden Silence
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    One of the Vagina Monologues is “My Short Skirt,” which is a powerful piece that states it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, that wearing a short skirt doesn’t make a woman easy or readily accessible for sexual harassment and violence.

    I agree with Sandy. Don’t let these fools discourage you from wearing your favorite clothes!

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