“Work it!”

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I was biking into work at 8:30am this morning, wearing gym shorts & a ratty t-shirt. I turned left onto 19th (a quieter, not busy street) from Columbia Road. A guy on a moped was coming from the opposite direction on Columbia and turned right onto 19th at about the same time that I turned. I started out ahead of him and he was trailing me. For some reason, he started heckling me as we got on the same road. He started with “oh nice, you go, you got it, you got it, you got it! work it!” in a weird derogatory tone. I didn’t turn around or pretend to notice his comments. Then he accellerated and pulled up next to me, continuing those comments. I looked straight ahead – I wasn’t ready to get into a conversation with this rude stranger and risk adding flames to his weird temperament. His response to my non-reponse was “oh, you got a really great poker face there. that works out really well for you.” Then he sped ahead of me, and at the next intersection, he turned back around to face me and said “you know what the worst thing in the world is? Being a boring person.” Thankfully, he turned to go in a direction that I wasn’t going. I simply regret not noticing his license plate number.

Location: Columbia & 19th St NW

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