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Photo by IntangibleArts via flilckr
Photo by IntangibleArts via flilckr

I was walking up 18th Street at about 10:45 Saturday morning. I was wearing slacks, a rugby tee shirt, and flip flops. I had my ever-present messenger bag slung from shoulder to hip, and I was wearing my big, dark “leave me alone” sunglasses.
There was a man sweeping the porch of a restaurant on the corner of 18th and Kalorama. As I walked past, he stopped sweeping and said “Hey baby.”
I was so surprised that I stopped, looking at him, and just said, “Wow.” in shock and disgust. As I walked away he said, “Have a nice day, ma’am!”

Location: 18th and Kalorama NW

Submitted by Mazzi

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5 Responses

  1. Roosh

    That sucks. But when you get old and wrinkly you’ll probably wish for those “hey baby’s”

    • Golden Silence

      That’s the most obnoxious thing I’ve heard. No woman is here on this earth only to be “complimented” by some raggedy guys on the street. We have more to us than that.

    • Melissa

      Wow, what a misogynist statement. Mods, I believe these should be deleted, y/y?

      • hollabackdc

        Melissa, the reason why we approved the comment is because we are trying to create a community dialogue around public sexual harassment. Comments like Roosh’s illustrate some of the reasons why our culture holds on the myths that facilitate in perpetuating public harassment. We believe in engaging our oppressors and believe that community dialogue’s like this are extremelly important in the fight to end public harassment.

        Mazzi, great response.

  2. Mazzie


    You have no idea how old I am or what my skin is like.

    But I am certain when I tell you that no matter how old I am or get, I will not ever “miss” being sexually harassed on the street.

    That you think street harassment has anything to do with my age or imagine that it creates any good feeling on my part is not unusual in its ignorance and privilege, but irritating just the same.