“He ruined my day.”

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I was walking back from lunch with a friend (a guy) to the Metro at Woodley Park, and just at the bus stop on Calvert St before the bridge, there was a man sitting down on the pavement. I assumed he was waiting for the bus; he was messing with his phone. Friend and I avoided eye contact with him, but as we passed, he calls out “Hey!” in a pervy tone of voice. We keep walking and cross to the bridge, and he shouts after us: “Is that your boyfriend? I could do you better!” It was about 90 degrees out but I felt like ice, and so ashamed. Asshole. He ruined my day.

Location: 20th & Calvert St NW, At a Bus Stop

Submitted by J

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  1. jeanne

    Don’t feel ashamed – that and ruining your day are just what he wants!

    He’s the one who should feel ashamed.