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Photo by Chrisdag via flickr
Photo by Chrisdag via flickr

My friend and I were heading from Ballston to Foggy Bottom to meet some friends on Saturday night at about 9pm. Our metro car wasn’t that crowded, but my friend and I and one other young woman were the only females on the car. At the Clarendon metro stop, a young guy – approximately 25-27 – moved from his seat in the back of the car to sit directly across from my friend and me. He turned in his seat to openly stare at us. My friend pointed this out to me and we said how creepy it was.

He continued to blatantly stare at my friend’s legs and my face in the reflection of the Metro window. I looked over a little bit later – halfway between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom – and was shocked to see that it looked like he was masturbating… while staring at us. I nudged my friend, speechless, and she confirmed that that was exactly what he was doing.

His hand was in his pants and he pulled his shirt over so he wasn’t fully exposing himself.
My friend and I made eye contact with the other young woman, who was sitting directly in front of him.

Once the train stopped at the Foggy Bottom station, we all got up and I looked him right in the eyes and said “You are a pervert!,” which caused several men in the front of the train to turn around and stare at him. I did this to let him know that I wasn’t afraid (even though I was terrified and disgusted) and to make sure he understand that we all knew exactly what he looked like.

We, all the girls, ran off the train and my friend and I went directly to the WMATA employee working at that station. We gave described exactly what happened, what he looked like, what he was wearing; and she made a call. Later that night, we came back to the station and asked her if anything had happened, but she said that when she called the police, they told her they wouldn’t be able to do anything because we wouldn’t be able to identify him.

This kind of behavior is absolutely uncalled for. I have never felt so blatantly objectified simply because of my gender. Knowing that this guy, and many more like him, are comfortable enough to do this on a fairly crowded metro train makes me scared to think about what could happen in less crowded, less safe areas.

Location On the Orange Line metro, toward New Carrolton near the Foggy Bottom Metro

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  1. Sophia

    Wait What?

    “they told her they wouldn’t be able to do anything because we wouldn’t be able to identify him.”

    You gave a detailed description, how would not be able to identify him?

  2. SometimesDCisScary

    This same exact thing happened to me heading from Eastern Market –> College Park Metro last summer (except the guy sat next to us and made sure he was fully exposed while performing the act). When my friend and I told the Metro employee what happened, she was very helpful and called for assistance immediately, but acknowledged that nothing would be done. My friend and I felt dirty for weeks riding the Metro.

  3. MR

    @Sophia – That’s what we thought – we gave a full description of what he looked like and were shocked when we were told much later that night that nothing could be done! In retrospect, I should have left my cell phone number with the WMATA employee or agreed to stay at the metro station until the police provided some sort of response about how the situation would be handled.

  4. Golden Silence

    Ugh, that is nasty. I’m sorry better action wasn’t taken against his perverted self.

  5. Tim

    If his masturbating was hidden, why were you offended? I don’t think it’s against the law to look at someone, and imagine having sex with them – we all do that.

    It is was Brad Pitt/George Clooney/Denzel Washington looking at your with lustful eyes, I suspect you blog post would have been gushing.

    • Golden Silence

      If it made them uncomfortable then they had every right to be offended. It doesn’t matter if it’s Brad Pitt or a bum on the corner—public masturbation is gross. If that guy needed to touch himself so badly he should’ve waited until he got home. His objective was to make women uncomfortable, and sadly he achieved that goal.

      It is so rude of you to invalidate their experiences, Tim.

    • It needs to stop

      Masturbating in public, in addition to being socially inappropriate, is also illegal even if it is being hidden under clothing. The major problem with this story was how the man did it intentionally to make the women feel uncomfortable. He purposely sat near them and not the men on the train. Do you think he would have done this if he was sitting near the men? I seriously doubt it. This was a power play on the part of the masturbator.

  6. Jessica

    Tim – I don’t know what planet you’re from, but last I checked, it is never, ever appropriate for anyone to masturbate in a public place. Thats for the privacy of your own home, thanks. This jackass on the metro wasn’t paying these women a compliment. It was a complete power play. By his actions he told them that he could use them anytime, anyplace for his own sexual pleasure, even against their will just because they are female. Its sick and wrong and its threatening and it makes you feel powerless as it takes away your own power to consent and it doesn’t matter if the person perpetrating it is “desirable” or a “celebrity.” It is clearly not the problem of the women in this post. Men need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop harassing women. Period.

  7. JJ

    And furthermore, you just know this creep on the Metro would haul off and attack a man who dared to even lightly flirt with him, much less give him a dose of his own ‘batin’ action. Yup, these manchildren with empty souls are usually the first to claim “gay panic defense” when treated the same way by someone of the own sex, mirroring what they dish out to women every day.

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