My Most Memorable Harassment Incidents

These are my three most memorable DC harassment incidents…

1.) Was visiting my friend in Columbia Heights, and after finding a parking space, began to walk to her house. I see two guys approaching me, and I just had that feeling, as I know many women do, that something would be said. As I approached, one said “ooh, sexy lady” and made lip smacking sounds. Uncharacteristically, I snapped “F- – – you, A–hole!” It felt great to lash out!!! (Even if it wasn’t the smartest thing to do).

2.) When Pope Benedict visited President Bush, I strolled down on my lunch break to see his motorcade. It was very crowded with people craning to see. A middle-aged man was behind me, rubbing up against me. Because of the crowds, having people up against you was not abnormal, so it took me a minute to figure out that this guy was trying to get off. At this point, I spun around, and jabbed him. He left. To this day, though, I wish I had said something more or took his picture.

3.) I was loading things into my car when a guy in a black SUV slowed down and said “Hey, you look great in those jeans.” I ignored him, and he was just sitting there, saying, “I’d like to take you out, hey…don’t you want to talk to me?” On and on. Finally, he just sped off…screaming out the window at me. Something about this incident was scarier than other similar ones that happen as I pass guys on the street downtown…I suppose because there weren’t many other people around.

Location: 13th and Park Rd NW, Pennsylvania Ave NW, 12th and D NE

Submitted by Christine

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