WMATA, Groping on the Metro is a Problem

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Photo by thisisbossi via flickr
Photo by thisisbossi via flickr

I was in a crowded train and felt something behind me. At first I thought it was a bag, but then it definitely moved. The guy behind me was groping me. I ran off at metro center and got on a redline train. He followed me on the train and aggressively grabbed my butt before jumping through the open doors. This was not the first or last time I have been physically harassed on the metro, but it is one of my most distinct memories. Some of the stories I hear sound like we’re living in Cairo and not the nation’s capital. It’s embarrassing and it’s time WMATA did something.

Location: Blue Line to Metro Center

Submitted by CM

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  1. Neoptolemus

    That was probably uncomfortable for you. Sorry to hear that that happened. Some guys are creeps. On a related topic, sometimes on crowded metro trains, it’s impossible not to rub against other people. Do you think that constitutes groping?