“Have a nice day.”

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Photo by Bludgeoner86 via flickr
Photo by Bludgeoner86 via flickr

I was at 7-11 near the Eastern Market metro station one morning recently. There were a few other customers in the store, and there was also an obviously drunk homeless man. He came around asking everybody for money. I politely told him “no,” and he moved on.

When I got to the counter with my things, he came back and started asking me for money again, but this time he started touching me. He grabbed my shoulders, touched my waist, and kept asking me to give him money or buy him things. I kept saying no and I even asked him not to touch me. The two male clerks behind the counter at the store watched this man continue to touch and harass me, but didn’t say anything. Another woman spoke up and yelled at the man to leave me alone, but he didn’t.

This man continued to touch me as I paid for my purchase. The clerks behind the counter continued to watch what was happening, but apparently didn’t feel the need to kick him out of the store or tell him to stop. It only stopped when the clerk had the audacity to tell me to “have a nice day” as he handed me the receipt, and I left.

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