Ride-by Groping

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Walking home with my arms encumbered with my dry-cleaning, I really didn’t expect any trouble in my neighborhood, known for it’s gay bars and young idealists. That is, until a man on a bike decided to make a grab for my ass while peddling by. I was stunned. Then furious. Unfortunately, my moment’s hesitation made me too late to push the pervert off of his bicycle. That isn’t to say I did not try. I started screaming like a banshee, and chased that jerk into the street and down a side street, calling him out on his inappropriate behavior. I’m usually a very articulate and even reserved person, but will lose all composer if a man tries to molest me. I’d rather put a little fear in him that the next woman he tries to harass won’t take it quietly, but will make a scene and lash out if possible. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have chased a pig down the street, screaming, and nor will it be the last. So many of these men are used to getting away with this behavior, because women are too humiliated to make a scene. If I can’t get any other satisfaction, at least I can see the fearful widening of their eyes when they realize that this tiny little blonde won’t take street harassment quietly.

Location: 19th & S NW

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  1. liz

    Good for you!

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