Where is WMATA?

Photo by afagen via flickr
Photo by afagen via flickr

Thanks to the Young Women’s Action Team in Chicago, the CTA is changing its policies and ordering bus and train operators to take an active role against sexual harassment. We know from the stories we’ve collected in DC that sexual harassment on WMATA IS a problem and that there is not a whole lot being done about it.

Do you think that improved policies and  PSAs like the ones the CTA is enacting would improve public safety on DC trains and buses?

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Responding to a group of young Rogers Park women who complained about sexual harassment on the CTA, transit agency officials have expanded policies on how bus and rail operators should handle obnoxious behavior on cars and trains.

“It’s a beginning,” said Ronnett Lockett, 20, a Northern Illinois University student and a member of the Rogers Park Young Women’s Action Team.

The group had surveyed 639 CTA riders and found that half had been sexually harassed on the system, and 13 percent had been assaulted.

In response to the concerns first reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, the CTA has changed how it wants bus or rail operators to respond to harassment complaints. Keep reading.

Do you have stories about being harassed on DC trains and buses and/or stories about how WMATA authorities handled reports of harassment? We want to hear from you.  Leave us a comment, fill out our online form, or shoot us an email at dchollaback@gmail.com.