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We have been busy developing programs, talking to activists and leaders, and getting the word out about this blog to the communities we live in. What!? You think we it’s enough to just sit here, post stories and moderate comments?! HA!

Due to the success of this blog, we met up with two amazing activists who we profiled here before, Holly and D. Howard to brainstorm on how we can collaborate together and make an impact on this issue. The four of us, with the help of several other individuals, businesses, and organizations, are organizing….drum roll please…..

Holla Back DC! Make DC Harassment Free: A Summit on Street Harassment in Our Community

YESS!! Although the date and location are still TBA, we know that it will be in October. We know that it will be in DC. If you have any leads, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Photo by <a href=If that wasn’t enough of a thrill, we are also doing the first of its kind photography contest, to showcase at the reception prior to the conference. Please pass this post on to your photographer friends, post up on Facebook/MySpace/Linked In, talk about it in your tribes.

Here is our PR push-

Calling all photographers!  Capture gender-based public sexual harassment for the chance to participate in the Holla Back DC! Make DC Harassment Free Opening Reception.

In October 2009, Washington, DC, will be the site of the first annual Holla Back DC! Make DC Harassment Free a day-long summit addressing gender-based public sexual harassment, or street harassment.  The conference will attract hundreds of activists, educators, and individuals from the DC Metro area for conversations about the problem and what we can do to make public spaces in DC harassment free.  Prior to the summit, we are hosting an opening reception where selected photographs from this competition will be displayed to raise awareness and prompt dialogue about the issue.

This photography contest is open to all individuals, particularly those who capture gender-based public sexual harassment photographs in the DC metro area.  We encourage all entrants to be as creative and realistic as possible with their submissions. You may submit up to three photographs by midnight, August 12, 2009.  We will notify selected photographers by August 19, 2009.

Please submit a $5 application fee with your photograph(s) to help cover our costs for the show.  Official rules follow below.  Good luck, everyone!

Gallery location and date and time in October TBA

Holla Back DC! Make DC Harassment Free Photography Show Rules

1. Please fill out our online application form and then follow the prompt to use PayPal to submit your $5 application fee. Please include all your information so we can match your Flickr user name to your entry fee, and also for us to contact you if you are selected. We won’t distribute your information, but we may send you e-mail updates pertaining to the show.

2. Join the HBDC! Make DC Harassment Free Flickr group.  You may submit up to three photos by midnight on Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

3. Since it is for a DC-based conference, we will give preference to individuals who took photographs in the DC-metro area.  Please note where you took the picture in the description area on Flickr.

4. If your photo is chosen for the show, we’ll require standarization from everyone. You will need to get it printed as an 8×10 (or a similar size if it’s irregular — 10×10, etc.) and matted and framed according to our set standards:

— Black metal moulding 16×20 frame with regular glass

— White acid free mat

— White acid free foam core backing

Please, no homemade frame jobs unless you have experience.

We are working to provide our selected photographers with discounts to a few frame shops; more details to come.

5. We know that some of you have never sold your work before. Our experience is that the DC metro community can assist each other with this process when it comes to pricing and other issues, both here and on the Flickr discussion board. We’re always here to answer questions or give advice, as well, so feel free to email us.

6. We will contact the selected photographers no later than August 19, 2009. Some photographers may have more than one image selected. If you haven’t responded to us by August 23, 2009, we will select another image by another photographer. (If you know you’ll be out of town that week, just let us know beforehand.)

7. Please deliver your framed and matted photo(s) during the week before the opening reception.  We will inform winners about the date and location closer to the date via e-mail.

8. Bring your family and friends with you to the opening reception in October 2009 to celebrate our awesome contributors, listen to gallery-goers as your picture sparks dialogue.   One hundred percent of any photograph sale goes to the artist.

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