“Harassment Island Metro”

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Photo by Aaron Escobar via Flickr

The name of Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station needs to be changed into “Harassment Island Metro Station,” because walking through it to get to the train platform is a gauntlet of harassment.

Yesterday, I was walking through it and this creepy guy sidles past me and says “Hey, mama!” Ew! I told him that’s not how you talk to women, and he just kept alternating between smirking and befuddlement. I don’t know if it was because he didn’t care that he made a pass at me or what.

Today, same time, same location, I walked past this creep who was sitting with a woman. He starts shouting “HEY!” at me. You’d think he was across the street from me the way he was yelling, but no, I was maybe two feet from him, at most. His female friend just stares at me. He then starts yelling “HEY!” again. I refused to give them any time of day and continued to stare straight ahead of me and I kept walking. He mumbles something under his breath when he finally realized I was ignoring him.

It’s bad enough my job is stressful, I don’t need the commute there to be!

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