Same Old, Same Old

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Same old crap, same old nonsense while walking down 10th Street NE (towards Rhode Island Ave.) to the train station. Horns beeped at me, guys I didn’t know yelled “Hello!” from their cars, and I passed by an unfortunately familiar face.

I passed by a parked black car, and the driver looked familiar. It was “Underwear Guy”.

Unlike last time, he was dressed, and like last time, he tried to talk to me.

“Howya doin’?” he said. His friend who was talking to him from the outside of the car tried to talk to me too, and I ignored them both.

“You rushin’ like you were last time,” he said. “Too busy to stop and talk to me!”

I remember during my first run-in with this chump saying “I don’t know you, and I don’t want to get to know you!” so I don’t know where he got the impression that I ever wanted to waste my time talking to him.

I don’t get these harassers at all. You can say “NO!” and they take it as “YES!”, you ignore them and they think you’re playing hard to get and try harder to mess with you, you call them out on their behavior and they flip it back at you. Nothing stops them, they just keep on harassing.

I cannot wait to move out of Brookland, and into a safer, harassment-free neighborhood.

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