“No! You Don’t.”

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I was walking to the metro a couple of months ago and there was this couple in front of me crossing the street. There was another man coming in the opposite direction, walking forward, but staring back at the woman. I am certain he was undressing her with his eyes, and so I think at that point I had already decided that I thought he was rather inappropriate. He continued to walk forward at the cross walk and was headed straight down my path, so I tried to side step him just as he finally decided to face forward. He then proceeded to grab my waist and wrap his arm around my midsection. Incensed, I grabbed his arm and flung it away from me shouting at him “No! you don’t!” He just kept on walking without a care in the world as I yelled at him that he was an asshole. I think what infuriates me most is that it didn’t even phase him. He felt 1.) that is was perfectly okay for him to stare this other woman down, and then 2.) decide that my body was something that he could just feel simply because he felt like it.

I told this story to a couple of my girlfriends and they were equally as upset about it as I. Then I told it to one of my male friends and he thought it was funny. There in lies the problem. Women understand the constant threat, fear and anger that is associated with incidents like these and some men think that it’s perfectly okay. And that is why it persists, because there seems to be a disconnect with some between what one action means, or what it may lead to, or mean to another woman.

I’ve got my personal space and you have yours, let’s keep that way, okay?

I’m angry again.

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