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Photo by qmnonic
I lived near the Rosslyn metro during a semester I spent in DC this past spring. I always went up to the Safeway near my apartment.

One afternoon I was quietly shopping in an aisle and an older, chubby man walked past me then stopped. I tried ignoring him thinking he’d carry on. No. He tells me, “You’ve dropped your smile.” I was so stunned and shocked I was being hit on in a grocery store I asked him to repeat himself. He repeated the statement and I politely laughed. That wasn’t it. He said, “You… you have the most beautiful body…” all the while looking me up and down like I was something he could purchase. “No really, are you a model?” he asks.   At that point I turned cold, irritated this was happening to me. I told him I was in a hurry and turned and squealed my cart down the aisle as fast as I could.

Other than that, my experience in DC was fantastic- what a fabulous city!

Location: Rosslyn, VA

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