Orange Line Thigh Grabber

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This morning I was switching from the green line to the orange at L’Enfant Plaza. I get on the train, sit down and a guy sits down next to me. I knew he was up to something right away because there were multiple empty seats. He asks me if I have enough room. I said “yes”. He then slowly inches closer to me as he tells me he doesn’t want me to feel squashed. I scoot closer to the window so he isn’t touching me.

He makes a comment about the weather and asks me if it is supposed to rain. I said “yes, I believe so”. He starts making small talk and while he is not touching me I am a bit suspicious. He asks me where I grew up. I tell him, he says “me too.” He tells me I am very pretty. I say “thank you”. He then asks me how old I am, I tell him. He says, “me too.” He tells me how young I look and then he asks if I would like his number. I say, “no thanks”. So he asks if he can have mine. I tell him I have a boyfriend. He tells me that’s alright, he is engaged but we could just be friends. I say, “no, I don’t know you.” He says “that’s the point, we can get to know each other.” I tell him no thanks again and luckily we are at my stop. Because I am sitting on the inside, he has to stand up to let me out.

As I move out of the seat, I feel his hand graze the inside of my thigh and then I feel him brush up against my ass. My blood boils. I tell him he shouldn’t touch women he doesn’t know and he smiles at me. There are a handful of people on the train and they all just stare. As I get off the train he yells at me to have a nice day. I can’t believe I was sucked in by small talk.

While some may find it faltering to be hit on during their morning commute, no one enjoys a morning groping and it is sexual harassment. Since this happened, I have received criticism from both male and female friends regarding the way I handled the situation. I’ve been told I was “too nice” or that I should have gotten up as soon as he sat down.

Bottom line: he never should have grabbed my thigh.

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  1. SharoninDC

    I have also been criticized for being “too nice”. However, I still think there is a line between being civil, expecting others to treat you as you treat them, and “being too nice”/”asking for it”. I’m pretty sure we’re not just being “too nice” for the heck of it, or “asking for it”. I agree with your bottom line …we shouldn’t be faulted for behaving like civilized beings, just because others do not return the favor.

  2. Eames

    What your friends are telling you is bullshit. It’s NEVER the victim’s fault, ever ever ever. If you took their advice, you’d look like a paranoid jerk because you would never talk to or sit next to anyone, since you’d have to treat any stranger that way to avoid harassment. And that’s stupid.

  3. Atiyah

    This brings back memories of getting my thigh grabbed on the red line years ago. I was sitting on the inside near the window, an older man sat next to me and he started bouncing his leg. I scooted as close as i could to the window thats when his hand started to creep over towards my thigh. He actually kept his hand on my thigh and continued to bounce his leg. I was 19 years old and didnt know how to handle it so I just said excuse me and moved to stand by the doors. I wanted to scream so badly to please stop touching my leg but i was too shocked. I no longer like to sit on the inside near the window because of this.

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