Morning Harassers

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I barely turned the corner from my block and a DC garbage truck was beeping at me. I couldn’t see their faces nor could I get a license plate number. While there are some decent, hardworking garbage men who take their jobs seriously, too many DC garbage men use this as an opportunity to try to “holla” at women (this was not my first time being harassed by one, sadly).

photo by majorsteel25 via flickr

A second after that incident a guy in the most hideous car (it was green with tan stripes, and looked like a Pinto) pulled over and tried to offer me a ride. I said “NO!” but he thought he could charm me and flirt with me. What part of “NO!” did he not understand?!

“Look,” I said. “If you don’t drive off and leave me alone, I’m calling the cops.”

photo by samantha celera via flickr

He thought I was bluffing, but I pulled out my phone ready to call them. He finally drove off, but still with a shit-eating grin on his face. I didn’t get the license plate (they’re MD plates, that’s all I got), but with an odd-looking car like that it’d be hard to miss if I saw him again.

I made it to Judiciary Square, and atop the 4th Street exit’s escalator was this old man handing out flyers. Any woman who walked by was referred to as “baby” and “sweetheart.” He ignored me at first, but when I stopped and pulled out my map to find the courthouse (I had jury duty today) I caught his eye, which he thought was an excuse to wink at me and making kissy faces at me. I was disgusted.

“Want a flyer, baby?” he asked.
“No,” I said. “But I want to take your photo because you sexually harassed me.”
“Okay,” he said. It came off as if he didn’t know the definition of harassment, but when he kept his back towards me, I then knew he knew. I managed to get a profile shot of him.

judiciary square harasser (2)

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