“Get off me!”

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On Saturday morning around 10:15, I was walking to work for my weekend job. I have never had a problem in the area before, especially in the morning. This morning was an exception, however.

I saw a man in between a couple of parked cars and as I passed him he approached me from the side and grabbed me with both his arms and started pushing me towards a parking lot. He was saying something like, “Hey girl, look what I’ve got here. Let’s go,” while showing me a bag of white powder. Luckily, the man was about the same size as me and I was able to shake him off and push him away from me shouting “No!” and “Get off me!”. Apparently, the young, drugged-up man thought I would enjoy participating in some narcotics before work. Luckily I was across the street from my job and was able to jog away to safety.

The part that added to my anger and frustration was that there was a man walking 4 steps in front of me who didn’t even turn around when the scuffle began. I have lived in DC for five years, but this was the first time I was physically assaulted. I’ve had my personal space invaded before, but this definitely crossed a line. I should have called the police to report the incident, but I was too flustered at the time. All I can say is the incident left me shaking and makes me think twice about feeling safe in the city I call home.

Location: 15th Street NW & P Street NW
Submitted by L.M.

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  1. Golden Silence

    I would still call the police on that raggedy-ass loser! You’ve got the time, date, location and description, that should be enough to report him! And not only did he touch you, he had drugs on him, so that should be enough to get him arrested if he’s found.

    I honestly can’t believe the gall of these men in DC!