Beware of the Bicycle Stalker

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Last night I was walking home from a friends house and out of what felt like nowhere this biker comes up from behind me and rides right next to me. He doesn’t say anything, he just tails me. I look around and there is NO ONE else on the street and no cars driving by. I panic but I am trying to look calm. I realize that I recognize the biker from earlier that night. I had gone to dinner with two male friends in Mt. Pleasant and this same guy had practically plowed right through us, he threw his bike down on the ground and stumbled up the steps to some house. I looked behind me and just thought how strange the whole thing was and figured he was just some really drunk guy on a bike.

He continues to follow me for five blocks, stays at about an arms length from me, never saying anything. He is not directly next to me but has positioned himself in a way that I could only see him unless I turned all the way around. I consider getting on my phone but then I don’t because I didn’t want appear scared. Instead I just think about all the self defense moves I’ve learned because I felt like at any second he could just knock me down, grab my purse, or worse. Finally, I get to a corner where I see some people across the street standing outside a restaurant. I cross, he does not follow. Because he keeps going, I think I am in the clear and decide that since I am only two blocks from my house now that I am safe. Wrong. I turn left on the street I live on and he comes barreling down the street. He rides right past me and keeps going. I am fumbling with my keys and I can see out of the corner of my eye that he has circled back around. I finally get my door unlocked. I am safe in my house but I’ve never felt so unsafe in DC.

I don’t know if he followed my guy friends and I, then possibly watched me say goodbye at their house and walk away alone. Or if it was just pure coincidence. None of us remember seeing him again after he thew his bike down in Mt. Pleasant.

In hindsight I would have handled it differently. The last thing you want is for someone following you to know where you live. What I should have done is stayed near the group of people outside, called my friend, and asked him to come meet me.

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  1. Golden Silence

    Is there a description of this guy in case someone runs into him again? Whoever lives in the Mt. Pleasant area should keep on the lookout for him and call the police if he does this again!

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