My Drive Home

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Driving home from work on Monday (June 1), a black SUV pulled up next to me at a stoplight. As the light turned green and I started to drive, I could see out of the corner of my eye that the man in the car was driving erratically, waving his arms, and shouting something at me (I couldn't hear exactly what, thankfully, because I had music on). I chose to look straight forward because I've been harassed in my car before [In 2003 when driving home from school on I-66 in Virginia, a man exposed himself to me and my friend; he was literally masturbating while going 65 mph].

Anyways, this time I grabbed my cell phone and put it on camera mode to try so that I could try to take a picture. I took a deep breath, turned my head, and held up my phone. As soon as he saw what I was doing, he swerved and turned right onto Peabody Street immediately. Unfortunately my picture didn't turn out because everything happened too quickly, but I really hope that I at least gave him a good scare.

Location: New Hampshire and Peabody Streets NE

Submitted by Liz N
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6 Responses

  1. Abu

    what makes you think he was harassing you (especially if you weren’t looking at him) ? What if he was trying to flag you down for directions? or to tell you that you’re tail light was out? or maybe he thought you were a long lost friend of his (i’ve done this. I saw an old jr. high friend on the road and waved her down)? or anything? I just don’t think you should assume off the bat that someone is trying to harass you.

    Believe me when I say that I am sensitive to women’s issues such as harassment…but I think this story is a bit much and I feel like you’re assuming the negative. And as a man, I find this story sad that you automatically consider this harassment. I feel that you’re going too far in labeling this as harassment.

    Dont bash me here…Im just voicing my opinion. Maybe there’s more to the story that you left out…or I’m totally missing something.

  2. Melissa

    I’ve been harassed before in my car (when I had one anyway) too, and totally don’t blame you for assuming that’s what was happening. It’s scary. If it was for any other reason, you pulling out a cell phone camera wouldn’t have made him run away like he did.

  3. Abu

    maybe he didn’t “run away” and that was the street that he had to turn on anyway? Maybe you just THOUGHT he was running away.

    I dont blame you for assuming thats what was happening either (esp based on past experiences)…but you just don’t know for sure thats what the situation was.

  4. Chris

    Does anyone have any updates on the P Street bridge masturbator?

  5. Liz N

    RE: Abu – Pretty clear he wasn’t waving me down for directions, pointing out a tail light, etc. That’s happened to me before, and my reactions were totally different. I agree with Melissa, the way the car swerved away (violently) was clearly not because he just needed to turn. I agree that it’s nicer to assume good intentions, Abu, but in this case, I think there is also something to be said for intuition and gut reactions.

  6. Anonymous

    Trust your instincts, Liz. While I appreciate your questions Abu, I think the fight or flight instinct can be pretty accurate. Sixth sense or something.