“Stop harassing me!”

Last night around 9PM I was walking from the Mt. Vernon Square Metro to Mass Ave for a friend’s birthday party. It was raining and I thought I could avoid harassers thanks to my umbrella but I should have known better…

On 7th and Mass, there is a guy standing on the corner talking on his cell phone and he yells, “Hey beautiful.” I ignore him. Then he yells again (keep in mind he is still on his cell phone), “Hey you! I said you were beautiful. Those are some nice legs you’ve got.” I turn around and say, “Stop harassing me!” The person he is talking to must have said something because I hear him say, “No, just talking to some bitch that walked by.”

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    All we are to these “men” (using the term very loosely) are objects for their viewing pleasure, and “bitches” when they don’t get their way. Shaking my head.