“Stop harassing me!”

Last night around 9PM I was walking from the Mt. Vernon Square Metro to Mass Ave for a friend’s birthday party. It was raining and I thought I could avoid harassers thanks to my umbrella but I should have known better…

On 7th and Mass, there is a guy standing on the corner talking on his cell phone and he yells, “Hey beautiful.” I ignore him. Then he yells again (keep in mind he is still on his cell phone), “Hey you! I said you were beautiful. Those are some nice legs you’ve got.” I turn around and say, “Stop harassing me!” The person he is talking to must have said something because I hear him say, “No, just talking to some bitch that walked by.”

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  1. Golden Silence
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    All we are to these “men” (using the term very loosely) are objects for their viewing pleasure, and “bitches” when they don’t get their way. Shaking my head.

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