Packed trains = an increase in harassment.

The Red Line has been a mess since the tragic accident in late June. After work, I get on a very packed train. It’s awkward being smashed up against strangers, but for the most part, people are polite and you just sort of grin and bear it.

On one ride, I ended up face to face with another woman about my height. We’re both short and fairly well endowed, which, of course meant that rather than face to face, we had our breasts smashed against each other. She caught my eye and blushed and said “Well, this is awkward.” I agreed, and that was that.

Then the man standing behind her started making comments. He was tall enough to leer down on us, looking down both of our shirts. “Oh, baby, that’s hot. Let me get my camera. That’s the sort of thing movies are made of.” I’m pretty sure he was rubbing against her as she looked painfully uncomfortable and tried to shift out of his way. We both bolted from the train at the next stop, but it was an awful moment where we were trapped and couldn’t get away. I felt so bad for the other woman. After the fact, I wished that I had said something to him, but at the same time, there was no violence and the incident ended once we were gone, and really, that’s the best outcome.

Location: Metro/Red Line leaving Gallery Place

Submitted by Anonymous

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4 Responses

  1. Jeff

    A better outcome would have been if he’d been named and shamed. Or at least if you had a mugshot!

    • hollabackdc

      We understand that from our stand point, the female passenger should have yelled, “Stop rubbing against me.” However, in a crowded train, while leaving work/game/play, it probably came as a surprise and she wasn’t prepared. A better outcome is if the man didn’t say those comments AND didn’t rub up against the female passenger. We hope that this blog and others empower women and men who are being harassed to find strength to say something and/or take pictures/videos if it is safe.

  2. Golden Silence

    I am all for publicly shaming harassers. But sometimes, for safety reasons, it’s better to not get a photo.

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