“Don't Touch Me!”

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Last Friday night I was with my boyfriend, roommate, and some other friends bar hopping in the Dupont Circle area. We had just come out of Lucky Bar around midnight and were deciding where we wanted to go next. We were all standing in a circle and then I felt someone’s hand graze my butt. At first I thought it was my boyfriend since he was standing close to me but then I realized he wasn’t close enough to me to touch me from behind. As I was realizing that it wasn’t my boyfriend, I felt it again but stronger. Like someone was hitting me with the back of their hand as they walking by. When I turned around I saw an older man in his 50s staring at me. I was so shocked that the whole incident had happened, he had walked away before I thought to say anything to him. I was so angry at myself for not calling this guy out and making him look like the ass-hole that he is. The fact that there were men in my group didn’t even deter him!

You have no right to touch me! Not that it should matter what I was wearing, it was not revealing or “slutty” – just a plain black dress (with some fierce shoes). Even so, no one has the right to touch you without your permission. I got so pissed off that I couldn’t even enjoy a night out with friends without being harassed by a nasty dude. Women should be able to dress up and go out with friends without being sexually assaulted. Hell, women should be able to walk down the street without be harassed!

I think everyone woman I know has felt uncomfortable while out in public due to remarks, glares, or actual advances made by men. I hope that this site helps bring this issue to light and empowers women to take a stand.

Submitted by Pissed Off!

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