Chicken Bone

Photo by IntangibleArts via flickr

I was waiting for my bus, the 96, by 9th and U and this guy thought it would be funny to throw something at my ass.  I felt it, turned and looked at him.

“Excuse me?”


“Why did you throw something at me?”

“I meant to …(trails off)”

“Next time throw your shit into the trash can”

“I tried to throw that into th… (trails off once again)…”

“Next time you want to throw something away put your hand over the damn trashcan and drop it.  Don’t throw it at a girl’s ass.”

“I…I…o…well…ok…”  (goofy ass grin on his face).

“Just stop being an asshole, no one deserves it.”

“I…ok.”  (and he went to hit on another girl).

I turned around shortly afterwards and saw it was a chicken bone.  Thanks to the guy on the 96 bus who talked to me like a human and discussed country music and karaoke, I may see you again one day.

Submitted by Annoymous

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    This harasser doesn’t sound like he’s in his right mind (but then again, when are they ever in their right minds?!), but that’s no excuse for his weird behavior.

    Kudos for sticking up for yourself and standing your ground.