You Talking to Me?

On Saturday, June 27, around 4:10 PM, I was headed to Rhode Island Avenue Metro. A young woman with a toddler son was slightly ahead of me.

As we got to the fare gates, a group of Metro employees was hanging out in front of the kiosk, and one of them goes “Mmm…baby girl.” I had no clue if this was being said to me or the young mother, but either way, gross. I give a dirty look.

“Excuse me,” the mother said, irate. “What you [sic] say to me?”

The Metro employees mumbled something I couldn’t hear or understand. Either way, these men were embarrassed they were caught.

I was caught off-guard during this, and proceeded to go up the escalator to the train platform, but immediately ran back downstairs to snap their photo.

photo by Anonymous
photo by Anonymous

They either didn’t see me or care.

Metro, please do something about your sexually-harassing employees!

Location: Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station

Submitted by Anonymous

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