Bridge Masturbator

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Photo by Seth_Gaines via Flickr
Photo by Seth_Gaines via Flickr

I was walking home from Dupont to Georgetown at about 9:30pm on the north sidewalk of P St. bridge on Memorial Day. As I reach the end of the bridge and proceed towards Georgetown, I hear someone to my right in the trees grunting and hollering at me. I turn and there is a fat, White naked man in a black ski mask masturbating and walking towards me out of the shadows. He stopped advancing when he became illuminated by the streetlight but continued to pull on himself and make noises. I ran away and called 911 and a woman on the line said they would send someone out to find him. I called 911 again 5 minutes later to specify what I was too flustered to that he was on the North side of the bridge and the West side of Rock Creek Parkway. This time the man who answered the phone took my name and cell phone number in case the police need[ed] more information.

I wonder if this man was wearing a ski mask because of the progress sites like HollaBack have made by taking pictures of men’s faces and posting them online when incidents like this occur. I hope that the police are able to catch him, but he could have easily dressed himself and removed his ski mask long before the police arrived on the scene. I hope that the police will consider setting up a patrol around the area in the evenings in case he shows up again. In the meantime, please be careful on P street bridge. There is obviously a disgusting pervert on the loose.

Location: P Street bridge between 23rd and 26th St., NW (b/w Dupont Circle and Georgetown)

Submitted by Anonymous
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8 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    That is so nasty! You couldn’t have been the only one to spot him. A naked guy in a ski mask walking along P Street is very conspicuous!

    I hope he’s caught.

  2. A N N A

    Eww. Ewww. EWWWW. On the other hand, you’re making me want to carry my camera (my phone doesn’t have a flash) with me. You want attention, asshole? HAVE SOME PUBLIC ATTENTION (I’m sure the police will appreciate the help with evidence…well, as much as something revolting can be appreciated).

  3. archana

    i hope you don’t find my comment offensive… i am almost hesitant to make it. i can certainly appreciate that an encounter with a man like this would be absolutely terrifying, especially for your safety as a woman. i can also appreciate that being in the presence of a man rubbing himself like that (or even reading about it) would make your skin crawl. yet is it naive of me to think it’s most likely that this man was mentally unwell? i read this blog enough to know that DC has its fair share of disgusting perverts… but might this man actually need some sort of medical attention?

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  6. Anonymous

    This happened to me last night, same place, same time. He was overweight and wearing a ski mask.

  7. Anonymous

    This exact thing happened to me last night at the same place just past 9:30. Sounds like it’s the same guy- overweight, wearing a ski mask. I was walking towards Dupont from Georgetown and he was at the beginning of the bridge between the edge of the bridge and the woods on my right.

  8. Dupont Resident

    The P street bridge is a popular location for skeevy men to hang out and masturbate. The police are almost never around. I live nearby and have seen more than my share of masturbators. Watch out for the wooded area before the bridge on the Georgetown side. The police need to have a better presence there, or put up a fence so that it’s harder for men to pop out of the bushes. I fear for my safety many times when walking in that area.