Dupont Circle Attacker

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It was nice outside, and instead of going straight home after work I wanted to enjoy the weather. I walked down P Street to get to Dupont Circle. As I waited for the light to change to cross the street and enter the circle, I felt something hit me in the back of my right leg hard, which tripped me up a little. I turn around, and see this weird guy out of the corner of my eye running to cross the street, then running back to the curb since it wasn’t safe to cross yet. I can’t pinpoint what had happened, but I shrugged it off and continued on to the circle when the light changed.

I kept looking behind my shoulder at this guy, because something wasn’t right with him. It was also weird that when it was safe to cross it took him 20 seconds to finally do such. Seconds later, the same weird guy had finished crossing the street, and he charged into a woman (who was with her boyfriend) from behind like a linebacker, pushing her hard and causing her to stumble. That’s when I realized that this guy had been the one to hit my leg, and that it was no accident.

“Motherfucker!” I yelled. “I knew it was you who hit my leg!” The girl who was pushed was shocked. “I’m calling the police,” I said. I try to tail him, and I wanted a good picture of his face to help identify him. When I got his attention and got his photo, he started yelling all these crazy curse words. And in retaliation for me saying I was going to call the police, he took his anger out on someone else, by hocking a big loogie and spitting in the face of another woman who was also with her boyfriend.

“What is wrong with you? What the hell is your problem?” I said. Then this weirdo runs up to a guy who was minding his own business while stretching and prepping to run. The loser makes all sorts of physical threats to him. “This guy’s been attacking us women and I’m calling the police,” I said. “Don’t worry about it,” the runner said. “It’s no big deal.” (Of course it’s no big deal to a guy, but for women being threatened by this weirdo it’s a different story.)

I dialed 911 and told them what was going on. I gave a full description of him, but it seemed they weren’t listening to me. “Can you repeat the description again, please?” the dispatcher asked. Sigh. She finally got my description of him the second time. He headed southeast on Massachusetts Ave. I don’t know what got into me, but I tailed him. I refused to let him get away with this. I kept a safe distance — far enough to be out of harm’s way, but close enough to not lose him. And to my surprise, he was walking casually as if nothing had gone down back at Dupont Circle. The police kept on the phone with me most of the time, and I felt like I was an officer myself.

“He’s still on Massachusetts,” I said. “Now he’s at Massachusetts and 16th near Scott Circle…”

It got confusing when we were at Scott Circle, where 16th, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Avenue intersect, but eventually the police and I were on the same wavelength. When the attacker was on Massachusetts between Corregidor and 15th, three police cars pulled up with their sirens blazing. I flagged them down, they jumped out of their cars, took the attacker, pushed him against the hood of one of the cars and cuffed him. He didn’t put up any type of fight. The police took down my information and asked me what happened — repeatedly. I explained myself repeatedly. I was willing to press charges.

Unfortunately since I hadn’t seen him when he kicked me my word wouldn’t hold up so they released him from being cuffed. The others who were attacked at Dupont Circle had stronger cases against him, they felt. The police thanked me for being a “good citizen” and let me go on my way, and I headed back to Dupont Circle to see if I could find any of the others who were assaulted by this guy. Unfortunately they were long gone.

The only thing to keep this guy off the street and from attacking other women in the future is if the others who were attacked by him come forward to the police. There were plenty of witnesses when he was attacking people, so hopefully they’ll come forward too.

This happened around today, 4/24/09, at 6:15 PM directly at Dupont Circle. If anyone recognizes this man from this photo and what he did today, please report him to the police so we can keep him from doing this again.

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If you have a story on street harassment and/or picture of the harasser, please email us at (include the cross streets if you can remember). We will automatically post them anonymously unless you tell us to use your name or initials.

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10 Responses

  1. Anya

    Just came across this blog via a friend who lives in DC (I live in a relatively chill college town where this type of stuff happens a lot less, thankfully). I just wanted to say thanks for providing this forum in such an open and classy way, and refusing to back down when others act as though it’s somehow your private problem. You’re fabulous!

  2. CH

    Similar incidents now being reported near Columbia Heights metro. Could it be the same guy?

  3. […] is very similar to the Dupont Circle attacker we reported on in April. Could it be the same guy or is kicking random women becoming more […]

  4. trampolina

    I posted this on my facebook page… what a creep.

  5. Jeannie

    I’m pretty sure this man kicked me on Wednesday morning. I have reported him to the police and I am working with them to take care of this situation. Thanks.

  6. Golden Silence

    Someone at Prince of Petworth said that they featured this story on Fox 5 News last night, but I can’t find anything online. As soon as I can find something, I’ll post a link.

  7. Anonymous

    Not to sound like women are completely defenseless, but what were the boyfriends doing during all of this?

  8. Karen

    This guy kicked me and at least one other woman at the Wheaton mall a few weeks ago. You can still see the mark. We called mall security who called the police. Security tailed him till he left the mall property (they did not see it happen so they couldn’t go further.) the police came too late. I was also willing to press charges to get the guy the help he obviously needs but nothing has come of it. He had a white band on his wrist.

  9. Golden Silence

    This guy kicked me and at least one other woman at the Wheaton Mall a few weeks ago.

    When this guy was reported in Columbia Heights, I thought they finally got him off the streets for good. I guess not, sadly.

  10. Anonymous

    please don’t be so heteronormative as to assume that just because a woman is with a man it is her boyfriend.