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I was walking very purposefully, by myself, back to my house after shopping in the downtown area of Silver Spring. There were tons of people out since it was Friday night. I had no intention of speaking to anyone and was keeping to myself. A man turned around and proceeded to walk BACKWARDS so that he could harass me. He said, “You’re looking beautiful.” When I didn’t respond, he said, “Oh, I see, you got kids.” I still have no idea where that came from or what it meant, but when I didn’t respond to this he said, “then what the fuck are you out for?” Seriously? Do I not have a right to be out by myself on Friday night?

Location:  Ellsworth Dr. , downtown Silver Spring

Submitted by JS

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3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    I swear, these men don’t care what comes out of their mouths, even if it doesn’t make sense. They just want to hear themselves talk and make their harassment recipients listen. What does having kids have to do with anything?! Aye-yi-yi.

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  3. Ashley

    Ha! I live up the street from that sign. Downtown Silver Spring is like, harrassment central on Friday/Saturday nights. It sucks when I get off from work late on Fridays and have to walk home by myself because I almost always get some teenage boys trying to talk to me. So annoying.