Eastern Market Masturbator

I was in Eastern Market, and I left Good Stuff Eatery, anxious to get home and taste this food, but I lost my appetite when I saw what I’d seen. I was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue SE towards Eastern Market Metro, and at the bench at the intersection of Pennsylvania, 4th SE and North Carolina SE, I saw this man standing up with his hands in his pants. At first I thought he was in his pocket, but when I got closer to him I saw that his pants were down past his hips and his penis was out in full display, while his hand fondled it. HELL NO! Guys like him want women like me to react like scared little girls, to be afraid and submissive. But no, I refused! “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I snapped. “Get your hand out of your pants! Pull your pants up! The fuck!” He immediately jumped to and pulled his pants back up, and then sat on the bench and found other things to occupy his time. He acted as if nothing happened, and while I snapped his photo people walked by none the wiser to what had went down. They really need to enforce laws against public indecency. I’ve heard too many stories of women seeing men masturbating in public, and things have got to change! No one should be subjected to this perversion. Sick.

eastern market masturbator

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  1. Anonymous

    Good job for telling him it’s not ok! Next time if you can, call the police. It’s against the law and the more we call the police the more consequences there will be for these lewd behaviors. Great work though on standing up to him!