Follow Up to Wonder Woman

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I have an update to the “I Wish I Was Wonder Woman” story I submitted two weeks ago.

I am just walking home from Brookland Metro (I would love to know why there’s a surge of harassment in Brookland lately, and what anyone in the neighborhood is doing about it) and I’m two blocks from home. This car is driving by on the opposite side of the street, and then the driver starts yelling “Baby…hey baby!” at me.

I take note of his license plate, and have no problem remembering it, because it’s the same punk loser who harassed me in the “Wonder Woman” story! I was unsure of the color of the car last time, but in today’s sunnier weather I now know the car is dark green. One of the commenters from the first story about this guy suggested I call the police, but at the time I thought “What good would that do?” I thought they wouldn’t take me seriously, because I’ve reported incidents before and nothing happened.

This time, however, was different. I thought I could call 311 and leave a report (a la Holla Back DC!), but they transferred me to 911. I once again just wanted to file a report, but the dispatch said they had to send a unit my way. They seemed to not understand me the first time and called me back, asking the same questions and I gave the same answers. But the dispatch seemed to take me seriously. When I told her that was the second time I’d seen this man, she replied with “He’s stalking you! I want to make sure someone gets him.” I’m not sure if it’s stalking as opposed to two isolated incidents from this guy, but as long as I’m taken seriously that’s all that matters.

Twenty or so minutes later, the police came, and took down my information and I relayed the story to them. They said they’d both run the driver’s plates and canvass the area to see if they could find him. I don’t know how this story will turn out, but I feel good about taking action on this (which in retrospect I should’ve did the first time) and that the police seemed to take my complaint seriously. I pray to God that I don’t see that drive-by harasser a third time.

Location: Brookland Metro

submitted by Anonymous

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4 Responses

  1. ML

    Good for you to take the time to report it and not just ignore it like it’s so much easier to do. It’s good to hear that the police take street harassment (*a minor hate crime*) seriously. Thanks for letting us know too — I’m trying to figure out what various solutions are so that I don’t have to just let it go.

  2. SharoninDC

    That is great! Renews my faith in DCMPD!

  3. sb

    Bad ass! Way to do something about it. I’ve been getting more honks and unfun up-and-downs lately too – maybe it’s the warm weather, bringing out the freaks?

  4. Caro

    Chances are that if this happened to you twice randomly, he’s been doing this to a lot of women in the neighborhood and the police should be made aware of the situation in case other women report him too. I’m glad to hear that MPD cared!