The Scary Walk Home

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Photo by by Mr. T in DC
Photo by by Mr. T in DC

I am walking home from Brookland Metro. I’m feeling tired but good—did some shoe shopping and wanted to get home.

Blocks from my house, some guy in his van beeps at me. I give an evil stare.

I then reach my street and I’m about to turn onto it and this odd-colored car (it’s either off-black, dark green or dark grey—a funky color) is zipping by from the opposite direction. The driver starts to “holla” at me.

“Yo, Dreads!” he yells. These men have no respect whatsoever—instead of referring to me as “Ma’am,” I get referred to by one of my physical attributes. These men bark at me as if I were a dog or a piece of meat, instead of if I were a human being—a woman with feelings. I immediately go into defensive mode.

“If you don’t drive off and leave me alone, I’m going to call the police,” I said, reaching into my purse trying to find my phone.
“Sorry, we ain’t mean nothin’,” the driver says. “We just tryin’ to find where the property is.” (What property?!)
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said. “Leave me alone!”

They drive off, and I turn onto my street. I feel safe, but two doors from my place a familiar car is zooming down my street—it’s that same ugly car with that dumb-ass guy I just encountered! He turned around the block and came back in my direction! I was afraid! Feeling bold, he flips me the middle finger. I then hear laughter.

It scares me that this guy has a general idea of where I live, and I would not be surprised if a scrub like him were to come back again for “revenge” for threatening to call the police. Guys like him are nothing but trouble. When I have a gut feeling about something or someone, I go with it.

I noticed his license plate number, but I was so shaken I got the numbers confused: it’s either CV 9531 or CV 9351, DC plates.

I used to feel really strong confronting these assholes, but each daily encounter with them breaks me down bit by bit and terrifies me. I’m still shaking typing this encounter out!

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