Farragut Square Harassment

Photo by jospeh a via flickr

I’m walking through Farragut Square right in front of the Farragut West Metro Station. There is a group of four women walking in front of me. A guy handing our newspapers walks up to them and tries to hand one of the a paper.  He says, “you are too cute not to take this paper.” The women say they are not interested but the guy persists and keeps saying, “come on take a paper. you are so cute.”  Finally one of the women puts her hand back to push him away. He still attempts to give them a paper one more time before walking away.

Submitted by Anonymous

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    I wonder which one (Express, Examiner, Street Sense). I’ve had my run-in with an obnoxious paper guy at my home Metro station, and I reported him to his supervisor. He’s since been replaced.