Capitol Harassment

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Around 5:30 or 6PM I was near the White House, and needed to pee. So I went over the the RR building. The guards were cool, and let me go downstairs. But when I came upstairs, one of the capitol police guys started asking me a bunch of questions about myself. At first I thought he was just doing his job, or being friendly. But then he asked me for a number. I attempted to excuse myself, but I didn’t feel free to totally blow him off because he was a police officer. He persisted in “can I get to know you?” and “next time you’re in town, you can stay at my house,” and “you’re so beautiful,” and “you know, I could take very good care of you, and you could take care of me [implying sex].” Finally, I told him that I date women, not men… that’s not actually true, but I thought it would be a way to excuse myself without hurting his pride. His response was “really? Well, maybe I can turn you back.” That has to be the most offensive thing he could have said. He also suggested that we could take a bath together, and that he could wash me. This went on for at least 15 minutes- if he’d been some loser on the street, or a rent-a-cop, I totally would have left, but I was afraid to piss off a capitol officer, so I put up with the bullshit until finally I told him that I would think about calling him, and he put his number into my palm.

I was actually a bit threatened/frightened by the incident, because he was a police officer, and very persistent, and sexually explicit right off the bat. I hate that shit!

Location: 1330 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Submitted by Anonymous

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  1. JS
    | Reply

    Any chance you got his name from his uniform to report him? This is totally unacceptable. No one should have to put up with that.

  2. Golden Silence
    | Reply

    I agree, JS. This probably isn’t the first time or last time this loser does this.

  3. Amanda
    | Reply

    If anonymous would be willing to contact me about this, I would love to write a column about this guy and what he thinks he’s doing harassing women while on the job as a police officer. This guy deserves a holla back in a big way. if you’d be willing to talk to me about your experience, please email me!

    – Amanda

  4. Melissa
    | Reply

    Since you have his phone number, it shouldn’t be too hard to track down which officer it was if you choose to report him (which I hope you’ll do).

  5. jeanne
    | Reply

    Our tax dollars, hard at work harassing half the population!

  6. A N N A
    | Reply

    Ew, ew, EWWWW!!! What an abuse of power! And they’re supposed to help us feel safe?

  7. me
    | Reply

    phone number. craigslist.

  8. Golden Silence
    | Reply

    And the point of your comment, me? This situation is no laughing matter.

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