“Hey, pretty lady, give me smile”

I am walking down 8th street (near G) in Eastern Market. A guy yells, “Hey, pretty lady, give me smile”. I don’t respond. He gets really close to me, points his figure a few inches from my face, and sternly says, “I said, give me a smile.” My heart skips a beat and I am a little frightened but I calmly reply, “Please get your finger out of my face”. He does and I keep walking.

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  1. Golden Silence
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    Scary as that was, I’m glad you told him to get his nasty finger out of your face. That was brave of you.

    I can’t stand that these men walk around like the smile police. They don’t tell other men to smile. They act like women should jump at their beck and call.

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  3. ninyabruja
    | Reply

    I’ve started saying “look in the mirror” when a smile is demanded from me.

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