Street Harassment Workshop

From time to time, we will spotlight different activities and events happening around the DC Metro area related to gender based public sexual harassment. With spring in the air, we are getting more submissions on being harassed. Like our Asheville sisters illustrate in a graphic (using a graph!), “When the heat goes up, so does the harassment.”  To combat that, Defend Yourself, is conducting a workshop.

Learn more about Defend Yourself here.

Get ready for Spring: Dealing with Street Harassment
With Spring, unfortunately, comes a huge increase in street harassment. Get ready for Spring by expanding your skills for dealing with the “hey babys” that may come your way.

Can you “ignore” street harassment? Of course you can. And you already know how to do that. This class will give you other options, making ignoring it only one in a range of skills to choose from, especially when ignoring it doesn’t seem safe.

The class will cover the range of self defense skills–prevention and awareness, verbal self defense, and physical techniques-that you might need in dealing with street harassment. Most of these skills can also be transferred to other irritating or dangerous situations in the rest of life.

* Saturday, April 18, 1-4 pm
* For women and teen girls ages 16+
* In NW DC near Howard University, Georgia Ave., and the Green Line
* $44. Sign up with a friend or family member and get $5 off each.

Contact us if you can’t afford the full fee.