Columbia Heights Harassers

photo by Mr. T in DC
photo by Mr. T in DC

On Sunday at 8 PM, I was walking north on 14th street from the Columbia Heights Metro and there was a group of guys that were taking up the entire sidewalk (at Meridian Place and 14th).  I was forced to walk in between the older men as they shoved their phones in my face (the idea was for me to take a phone and call them).  I made a disgusted face and pushed forward.  Because I had not given them the attention that they felt they were entitled to, they proceeded to
attack what they felt was my worth by repeatedly yelling after me, “you have no ass.”

Immediately following this encounter, I walked by another man, who was possibly inebriated (14th and Oak Street), who said, “Hola” and “You are beautiful.”  I told him to shut-up and he threw his hands up, called me a bitch and told me to fuck off.

— submitted by L.M.

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  1. Golden Silence
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    These men are not only rude, they’re lame! “You have no ass!”?! How old are they, 2?

    Annoying as they are, I’m glad you didn’t let them intimidate you. These harassers can be scary to deal with.

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