Street Harassment Must Stop

Another holler, you give another middle finger to that stranger, another vulgar name is hurled in your direction. Although living in DC has its perks, street harassment is something that most of us don’t sign up for on our daily routine to the Metro, the local grocery store, or to work. This reality is something we hope to capture on our blog, as well as highlighting local activists, different organizations, and events to combat street/gender-based public sexual harassment.  Inspired by our sister blog, Holla Back NYC, we hope to create a community of concerned citizens working to end street harassment through a variety of different means.

To share your story, please send it to us at dchollaback at gmail dot com. We will post your story anonymously, unless you want your name (or initials). We also encourage you to take pictures/videos of your perpetrators in order to empower our stories and put faces to the harassment. Although don’t do this if your safety will be compromised.

We look forward to working with you and creating a community–a revolution, if you will–of folks ready and empowered to end street harassment in our Nation’s capital.

For more information, check out our FAQs and our anti-racism policy.