We’re partnering with a local artist — help us out!

Sloane Tucker, a sophomore at the GW Corcoran School of Art, is working on an analog photography project featuring women and men and quotes of their worst cat calls/verbal comments/experiences. She is looking to photograph as many individuals as possible to show how street harassment affects people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and races–and CASS is partnering with her to make it happen!


Some disturbing quotes she’s received so far:

  • “Is that your boyfriend? Do you guys fuck on the regular?”
  • “You’re not the kind of girl you take out to dinner. I can see the freak in your eyes.”
  • “You’d be much prettier if you smiled.”

To participate in the project, fill out this Google form
 or email sloanedakota@gmail.com with questions.

We’re working with Sloane on exciting venues to show these photographs. Stay tuned!

New Policy Paper: Public Sexual Harassment and Assault of Women and LGBTQ and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals in DC

At CASS, we know the impact of public sexual harassment and assault reaches far beyond the initial feelings of fear, anger, or annoyance it can elicit in those who experience it. Research shows that experiences of harassment cause “insidious trauma” and lead to heightened anxiety over physical safety, especially among African American women, who also report more harassment experiences.

Our new policy paper–sent to the DC Council, to make the case for a roundtable on the issue this fall–shows there is a definite clear pattern. Street harassment is experienced by a majority of women in DC and a large number of men, especially those who are young and/or come from marginalized communities, including the LGBTQ community. It seriously impacts peoples’ perceptions of personal safety and their physical and mental health. Fundamentally, harassment limits these individuals’ access to public space and important economic, educational, and social opportunities that should be available to everyone.

The experiences collected by CASS collected experiences via the website or our surveys occur at all times of day, in all parts of the city and surrounding areas. The personal stories illuminate the complexity of the issue and the trauma experienced by targets of harassment.

We want to hear from you! Shoot us an email with your thoughts at info@collectiveactiondc.org.

Read the full paper here (or below).

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Thank you for making RightRides DC a Success!

rightrides-dc-1024x533Thank you to all the volunteers, friends, donors, and riders who made the July 4 service date a success!

We are thrilled to announce that we have completed our pilot phase for RightRides DC. Thank you so much to everyone who has made the program possible since October! We’re looking forward to the future of the program and continuing to provide free, safe rides home for women and LGBTQ and gender nonconforming people in DC.

Be a part of something big. Sign up to volunteer for the RightRides program now!

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Protecting and Advancing Survivors’ Rights in Our Community

Elisabeth Olds, the SAVRAA Independent Expert Consultant responsible for monitoring compliance with the Sexual Assault Victims’ Rights Amendment Act of 2014 and making recommendations for improvements, would like to hear from as many survivors as possible who experienced a sexual assault in the District of Columbia after January 1, 2014.

The goals of her interviews and focus groups is to hear firsthand from survivors about their experiences with reporting to law enforcement – both good and bad – and hear their perspectives about what needs to change about that process to make it more victim-centered, and what would be most helpful to survivors in the process, such as advocates, information and resources.

Interviews and focus groups are completely confidential and no names or specific case details will be revealed. Survivors’ perspectives are central to this evaluation and can help create a law and a system that provides maximum benefit to other survivors in the future.

Elisabeth will be convening a focus group Thursday, July 9th at 6pm at 600 I Street NW. If you are a recent survivor of sexual assault, please consider sharing your experiences with Elisabeth in this confidential setting. There will be a licensed social worker available on site for anyone that requires additional support during the conversation.

Please feel free to disseminate this notice widely.

For additional information, please contact the DC Justice for Survivors Campaign at dcjusticeforsurvivors@gmail.com.